Big Blue Goes Green


10 Ways to Recycle Today

  1. Participate in the city’s recycling program
  2. Carpool
  3. Take a shorter shower
  4. Donate old clothing
  5. Use recycled products
  6. Turn off electronics when not in use
  7. Use rechargeable batteries
  8. Turn off lights when not in use
  9. Rewear jeans more than once
  10. Buy used


• • • • • • • • • •


5 Things to do with a Plastic Soda Bottle

Use it as a sprayer
Add a spray pump from an old cleaning bottle and use it to spray plants, yourself, or your little brother.

Use it as a yarn holder
Cut off the bottom of the bottle and insert yarn, pulling a strand through the top opening, then tape the bottom back on.  This will keep your yarn from rolling across the room.

Use it as a plant/seed starter
Cut off the bottom and fill it with soil, add seeds and water.  Reattach the top with tape. Keep in a warm place and wait for the seeds to germi nate.

Use it as an ice pack
Fill a bottle with water and freeze it. Use it in a cooler or in a lunch box.

Use it as a funnel
Cut off the bottom of the bottle and turn the top side upside-down — funnel!

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