Welcome!  You have officially logged on to Swampscott Middle School’s newly formed electronic newspaper, The Atlantic Compass!  Two months ago teachers throughout the building were invited to start an after school club.  Upon examining the clubs already in place it dawned upon Ms. Paine and Mr. Lewis that the school did not have a student generated newspaper.  The word spread throughout the hallways like wild fire and within days we had several eager young minds who wanted to participate, we skipped contract negotiations and decided to hire all of them on the spot!  At first I think we could all admit that we were overwhelmed but after the first few weeks we really started to get in the groove.  We had graphic/website designers, journalists and editors all working together!  Like any respectable publication we wanted our paper to appeal to the masses and include a variety of different sections.  We have headliner articles, local news, opinion editorials, sports coverage, video/computer game reviews as well as book and movie reviews, and a very cool interview section that spotlights a different teacher in the building.  I hope you enjoy our first edition; as a staff, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see the product of all of our hard work.  Before I say more and give away too much, check out the paper for yourself, I bet you won’t want to stop reading!

Mr. Lewis


• • • • • • • • • •


Welcome readers! Our students have worked very hard to produce this newspaper! I hope that future editions will not only include their continued fabulous work, but also the submitted work of our student followers. This is about you, for you, and by you — so please support us!

 There are also two different formats for reading these editions, please check our our blog and our downloadable newspaper in a pdf format.  Please then enjoy our numerous stories, facts, and student submitted work.  There is also a moderated comments section on the blog for all of the stories, and in the future we hope to incorporate live polls, videos, and more pictures.

 Happy Reading!

Ms. Paine

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