Track & Field

By Noah


This track season is off to a great start. Our team is made up of many people from the Cross Country Team along with some new faces. So far, Coaches Marianne Hartmann and Abby Rogers have held three track practices and one meeting. We have not narrowed down to whom will be running what event. We will be narrowing that down with in the next week or so.

I am hoping that I will be running sprints and do hurdles. As the season goes on, I will keep you informed about any meets, events, and other news about the Swampscott Middle School Track Team 2009.


 • • • • • • • • • •


Leggs Hill Road YMCA

By Ari


The YMCA is a new addition to the community. There is an assortment of things from rock climbing, to swimming, to gymnastics and more. It even has a teen center. There is a gym for adults, looking out to the pools, which has a diving board. There are locker rooms for all ages, and also family ones. There is a basketball court, which is near the gymnastics center. There is daycare for while parents are exercising, and pizza for sale every night.



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