Student Spotlight


The Mysterious Pink Ping Pong Balls

By Moira


Once there was a family of three people, a husband, a wife, and their five-year old son. In two days, the little boy would start Kindergarten, and they were very proud.

Now, any parent is proud of their kid on their very first day of school, but this little boy was a genius. Within two weeks of school, he already knew how to read and write his name.  So, a year passed and the little boy ended kindergarten.  The parents were so proud of their little boy; they asked him what he wanted in celebration.

“Son,” the parents said. “We will give you whatever you want because we are so proud of you. What would you like?”  The son answered, “Mommy, Daddy I want you to give me fifty pink ping-pong balls.” After he stated this, he looked hopefully at his parents. “Please???” he begged. The parents glanced at each other, and then said, “Um, Whatever you say son. But why do you want them sweetheart?”  They asked with a puzzled look.

“I just want them!” He whined. So, the next day a box full of fifty pink ping-pong balls arrived at the house. The son took them upstairs, and the dad followed, curious.  But as he was just about to open the door, the phone rang, and the mom was out shopping. He went to answer the phone, but told the caller he would call them back in a minute. So, he hung up. He sprinted up the stairs, opened the door, and what did he find? In the thirty seconds he had been downstairs, all of the pink ping-pong balls had disappeared. “Son,” he asked. “What in the world did you do with them?” The son, sitting innocently on his bed playing with his toys, said, “I don’t know what you’re talking about daddy.”

* * *

So, as we all know, time goes on, and the little boy was about to start middle school. The boy was the same as he was in kindergarten, a genius and an amazing student.  To show how proud they were of their son, they decided to get him anything he wanted. They asked him, “Son, what would you like? An iPod, a laptop, a cell phone, we will get you ANYTHING you want.” The son thought for a while, then his eyes lit up. “Mom, Dad,” he said. “I want you to get me two-hundred pink ping pong balls.” Again, he looked at his parents hopefully. The father sighed then said, “Alright, we’ll get them.”

So, the next day, a box came filled with two-hundred pink ping-pong balls. The son grabbed the box, ran upstairs, and the father went after him. At the top of the stairs, the son slammed the door shut, but the father caught it with his foot. When he threw open the door to see what his son was doing, he found that all two hundred of the pink ping pong balls had vanished. They were gone. Even the box that contained them had disappeared. “Wh-wh………” was all the father managed to say. “Dad,” the son asked. “Why are you stuttering?” and the father just stood there.

* * *

So, as I’ve said before, time goes on and on and on, and the boy was just about to start High School. During his middle school years, he had high honors in all of his classes, and he was just as much of a genius as he was in elementary school. To show their pride and admiration, they were going to buy their son a brand-new car. “Son, what kind of car would you like?” they asked, although they already knew what he would say. “I don’t want a new car,” he began. “But I do want you to get me one-thousand five-hundred pink ping pong balls. Can you do that instead?” he asked with a pleading face. “Alright.” was all the dad said. “We’ll get them.”

The next day the box arrived, and the son immediately took them upstairs and the dad followed. He had managed to follow the son into the room, but his wife called. He twisted around, shouted “ONE MINUTE!!” and turned back to finally crack this mystery.


He found that his son was just sitting there, reading a book and the balls and the box were GONE. This really freaked him out now. But as he looked around the room, he found no sign of them anywhere.

* * *

So, as I’ve said many times, life goes on, and the boy had just finished college. He had gone to Harvard law school, had a beautiful wife. His life was perfect. The mother and father were still so proud of him for turning out so well, they bought him a house with brand-new furniture, appliances, EVERYTHING you could imagine. They asked the son, “We will get you whatever you want for your house, ANYTHING you could possibly want, we will get it. What do you want?” Now, you see, the mother and father knew where this would go, but they prayed he wouldn’t say what they thought he would. But their prayers wouldn’t be answered. “Mom, Dad, I want you to fill my whole house with pink ping pong balls. EVERY corner has to be filled with them. And that’s what I want from you. Just that” The parents looked at each other, sighed, and replied, “Of course son. Whatever you want.”

So, the next day, hundreds of dump trucks came to the house, and they filled the house. Meanwhile, the son and his father had gone to lunch, and were driving home to the son’s house. When they hit a traffic light, the son made it through right before it turned red, but the dad had to stop. The son had only turned the corner when the dad sped ahead to see what the son did with those ping-pong balls. The dad pulled in the son’s driveway, practically jumped out of the car, and he saw that EVERY SINGLE PINK PING-PONG BALL WAS GONE!! The dad just stood there in awe for at least ten minutes, but was brought to his senses by his cell phone ringing.

“Hello?” he asked. It was the hospital saying that his son’s wife and his wife had gotten into an accident. He talked to the secretary for a few minutes, then ran into the house and informed his son. Hearing the sad news, the son ran into his car, and the dad into his.   The hospital was a few miles away, so it took about a half- hour.  The father lost his son on the high way, but he called every few minutes.

The father was down the street from the hospital when he received another call.  It was from the hospital, saying that the son had gotten into an accident and had gotten badly injured.  The father was so in shock, he just parked in the next available space and sprinted to the hospital doors.  When he got inside, he blurted his son’s name, also his daughter-in-law’s and his wife’s.  The man at the front desk told him where to go, and he ran to his son’s room first.  He was lying in bed, looking bruised and in a lot of pain.

“Dad,” he said.  His voice was weak , but comprehendible.  The father strode over to him, fighting back tears.

“What is it, son?” the father asked.  “Dad, I know you’ve been wondering what I did with those pink ping pong balls all these years, and I need to tell you now, since the doctor said I might not make it. Dad, I…”

And  he died.

To be continued….


• • • • • • • • • •


Super Smash Bros Brawl

A Review by Tyler


These are my thoughts on the video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl

I think it’s a fairly good game……. Wait, what am I talking about IT ROCKS!

My personal favorite is Marth from Fire Emblem……. Funny he’s my best character. So there is a number of about 39 characters to unlock, the first is Marth. Last is Wolf (from Star Fox) or Jigglepuff (from Pokémon). The game is only for the WII. However, if you happen  to have Nintendo GameCube, you can get the 2nd in the series Super Smash Bros. Melee, and if you have a Nintendo 64 (I doubt it) you can get the 1st Super Smash Bros.


• • • • • • • • • •


“School Hallway”

By Brady



• • • • • • • • • •



by Ben



• • • • • • • • • •


SMS — Thinking Outside the Box:

a photo exhibition

By Noah










• • • • • • • • • •


Poetry by Moira

Wishing (chances)

We spend our whole life wishing,

For something bigger,

And better,

And newer,

And greater than the other,

And our lives were better,

And our wallets were fuller,

And houses were bigger,

And cars were newer,

The newest….


And we end our “good” life wishing,

For something we can’t get…

Another chance.



The Bench Man

The bench man sits there all alone,

Waiting for the bus to take him home,

Or maybe the bench is where he lives…

Where no one takes

And no one gives.

He sits there waiting

For a chance

To dance, to let himself be known,

The waiting man sits there all alone,


For someone

To care.




If you never venture, you never discover.

If you never travel you never learn.

If it’s what you want, then why not go for it?

If you have a dream, chase it.

Don’t let anyone get in the way,

It’s now or never

Just go,

Fly away.





Why do they cry?

When they’re angry,

Why do they fly?


Why do we try?

To comfort,

And supply,

The love they have shared,

And we’ve never cared,


Why do they try?

When we cry,

And they supply,

The heart that we’ve claimed,

The anger that we’ve tamed,



One response to “Student Spotlight

  1. Dennis

    I really liked the ping pong story! I can’t wait to here the end

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